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Business change & consultancy services

Providing benefits & improvements

At EuroKing, our specialist team of consultants work closely with our customers to ensure their new Maternity Information System (MIS) offers them maximum benefits.  Our experts will support you through every stage of your installation with a full range of consultancy services.  Whether you need help with workflow analysis, migration planning, systems set-up, advice & guidance, document design or system testing, there are specialists on hand to assist.

We believe that by fully utilising a Maternity Information System to it’s full potential, we can really help staff to meet today’s challenging and demanding tasks.  Our years of experience have given us a real understanding of Maternity departments, helping customers to make informed decisions.  We’re not just product experts – we listen carefully to each Trust to understand their individual needs and as a result are able to provide clear and concise advice.

Many Trusts will take the opportunity to reconsider and improve their current workflows when implementing a new system.  Consequently, our consultants will work with you to carry out a workflow analysis.  In the first instance, they will help to review the current workflow within your department and based on this review will make recommendations on how this can be improved when implementing a new system.  Our consultants will then work with you to ensure the new system set-up reflects your trust/hospital procedures and the new and improved workflows are incorporated.

Once the system goes live, our consultants will remain working on your project to ensure the go-live runs as smoothly as possible.  They will work with our support team to ensure a smooth transition and provide general peace of mind to our customers.  Once the go-live has been successfully completed and the system has been running for around three months, our consultants will work with you to carry out a post go live review.  They will typically look at how the system is performing against expectations and discuss making any further changes that have arisen as a result of using the new system.