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Community offline

Community Offline

Mobile midwifery and patient access

Community Offline is a fully integrated, mobile version of the EuroKing maternity record, intended to support midwives in the community. It enables access to the comprehensive hospital record, and allows the midwife to send remote updates, meaning the patient’s record is always up to date. This could improve patient safety, and reduce the travel time and administration requirements of busy midwives, therefore providing efficiency savings while increasing clinical time spent with patients.

Once data has been captured within the Community Offline application during a patient visit, central records are updated when a network connection is established.

To support the paperless agenda, a corresponding visit report can be generated and published in PDF format, which can either be saved at an appropriate location on the trust network, or, subject to trust governance processes and communication preferences, a copy of the report can be sent directly to the patient, via email.  This should reduce and ultimately replace the requirement to hand-write notes which have already been captured in Community Offline.

Community Offline was developed in partnership with Ealing Hospital.  The trust established a compelling business case, which was calculated as a direct result of adopting EuroKing’s offline solution:

“The hospital noticed that the sharing of information was faster while using the system. There was also a reduction in overtime working for midwives.  Initial findings were that there was the potential to save up to 2 hours per midwife per day.”

This would equate to the following potential savings (extrapolated from initial findings):

25 community midwives, financially at a mid-point band 6, saving up to 2 hours per day potentially saves £1,541.50 per day, or enables the release of 50 additional clinical hours into the community service.

EuroKing continually adapts its business and processes, subject to the valuable feedback of its customers. To this end, a planned enhancement will enable reports and patient records to be published to a portal, where patients can interact with their records, and gain access to approved resources as determined by the trust.

To view the EuroKing E3 Community Offline brochure please click here