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CTG Monitoring

Integrated bedside and central monitoring

EuroKing’s CTG monitoring module is designed to increase the flow of knowledge throughout the medical enterprise, while offering obstetricians and midwives an important diagnosis tool in time-critical situations.

CTG monitoring is highly scalable and configurable and is designed specifically to meet monitoring needs within perinatal care.  The solution connects to any world class patient monitors that measure, monitor, analyse and access patient data.  An intelligent alert system classifies the fetal heart rate according to FIGO guidelines, indicating potentially critical situations at an early stage and reducing expensive false negative alerts.

Web-enabled technology allows clinicians and midwives to easily access CTGs using a standard browser, allowing access whenever and wherever required. The results can be viewed in real-time from any location, whether in the delivery room, on the ward or even at the mother’s home.

CTGs can also be accessed from EuroKing’s E3 maternity information system, avoiding the loss of paper printed records. The ability to refer to the record is a huge advantage in time-critical situations, ensuring health professionals can quickly and effectively access much needed information, when they need it.

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