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Data Migration

Migrate key legacy obstetric history & data

Data migration is a key element to consider when adopting a new system.  Although both the new and old system may have performed similar tasks, data mapping is not often a simple job. While migrating data can be a fairly time consuming process, the benefits are worth the cost for hospitals to maintain levels of clinical safety.

One of the services we offer at EuroKing is the ability to migrate key obstetric history from your old solution into your new EuroKing maternity system. This will ensure that key information for those patients you are already dealing with is correct and accessible from day one. Data such as parity, gravida and clinical risks are all available at the touch of a button and on key fields the information does not revert to zero. In addition, alert functions are available to provide key information on all visits.

When deciding on data migration, all factors should be considered before making any decisions on what data should be moved across. At EuroKing, we can help with these decisions and offer a comprehensive data migration service. Testing will be carried out to ensure the data mapping process is accurate before go live.

Due consideration for data migration should be taken early in the process of adopting a new system. At EuroKing, we will help to organise and manage the process ensuring a risk free, seamless transfer from your old system.