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Intrapartum Module

Electronic record of labour

EuroKing’s intuitive Intrapartum Module is fully customizable for enhanced user interaction, enabling users to quickly and easily create a pre-populated electronic plan for each labour.  The solution incorporates integrated CTG, providing an “at a glance” view of labour progression and a comprehensive audit trail to track all activity.

Other helpful features include:

  • Touchscreen real-time representation of partogram
  • Instant access and locking between users
  • Concurrent management of minimum 9 labours in progress
  • Clear identification of mother and foetus on displayed data
  • Ability to record point in time status and measurements
  • Ability to print anonymously and save electronically – for teaching and confidential enquires
  • Ability to access from PCs in each room, to ensure the care giver and the woman remain together as much as possible

The solution enables multiple clinicians to amend or view notes simultaneously and incorporates an early warning system which follows the principles of a MEOWS chart. Users can easily analyse the data and produce a wide range of reports, including dashboards.