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Supporting Mandatory Reports

Data quality and financial metrics

Personal Demographics Service

To support the provision of NHS numbers for new born babies via the Personal Demographics Service (PDS), auditing reports are provided to ensure any problematic patient records or duplication of information can be managed effectively by the administrative or senior user of the system thereby negating the need to contact NHS Digital.

Payment by Results

The PbR report provides a detailed breakdown of patient classification (Standard, Intermediate, Intensive) to enable the trust to facilitate the necessary financial charging structure based on the appropriate care model provided. Data collected at antenatal booking and appointments through delivery to postnatal transfer and discharge from care are taken into consideration and can be analysed using either the date of booking or the date of postnatal transfer. Data can be viewed based on the category of care allocated to analyse the totals allocated to each group or alternatively by each patient record where the data which was indicative of allocating that patient to the relevant category is highlighted. A separate PbR criteria report is provided to show the calculations of each category based on the clinical metadata provided in the system. Answers which may have been applicable but are now redundant are highlighted to illustrate a change in reporting requirement. The PbR report is kept up to date and is compliant with the latest national standard.

Maternity Service Dataset

The MDS return is extremely comprehensive and is composed of four separate reports:

• MDS Preview Report – Displays all data for the current period which can then be extracted into an XML file for submission to the NHS Digital Exeter Portal.
• Missing Mandatory Answers – Displays details of any records included in the submission that don’t have one of the mandatory answers. The patient’s name and hospital number is displayed as a hyperlink to their record within E3 for detailed analysis. Note: These records are not excluded from the submission file, but this report can be used to cross reference against any validation errors received from the Exeter Portal for any missing answers which could not be amended.
• MDS Code Mapping – This report will display how the answers in E3 have been configured to map to the codes required for submission. Each data item is a drill through to enable detailed of the mappings to be viewed. The report is designed to keep visibility on the internal workings of the dataset generation process.
• User Guide – Provides details of the above three reports for user benefit.

Deborah Ashton-Ward, EuroKing system lead at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, says: “We have enjoyed working with EuroKing on the Maternity Data Set project, and are very pleased to be meeting requirements.  Any issues that we encountered were sorted out quickly and easily by the support team at Euroking.  We use E3 within antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care and for auditing and reporting purposes.  We find it very useful and the requirement to upload to the MDS portal would have been significantly more onerous without it.”

The MDS report is compliant with the latest revision from NHS Digital.


E3 provides a comprehensive anaesthetic return compliant with the NOAD 2012 standards.

Robson Groups

A dedicated report to the Robson Group standard of caesarean section deliveries is provided.

Stats & Lists

E3 provides a comprehensive library of data quality checking lists and operational statistical breakdowns as standard. These reports can be used to monitor activity over any period of time desired and can be extracted from the system in a variety of common formats such as Comma Separated Values (CSV), plain text (TXT), Word, Excel, PDF and Extensible Markup Language (XML). This enables data to be shared effectively within the department and organisation even with a variance of data analysis tools. Regular use of these reports ensures that data integrity is of the highest possible quality not only for the operation of the information system itself but also for the DOH / NHS England reports mentioned above.

EuroKing is endorsed by NICE.